LSSL Scan Heads

Typical Fields of Application: - Marking in the packaging sector - Semiconductor industry - Electronics industry LSSL series laser marking head is an ultra-compact one which delivers excellent dynamics and superior product quality in a minimum-size pa

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Typical Fields of Application:

-> Marking in the packaging sector

-> Semiconductor industry

-> Electronics industry

LSSL series laser marking head is an ultra-compact one which delivers excellent dynamics and superior product quality in a minimum-size package. The solid performance of the marking heads is made possible by the new, miniaturized servo amplifiers and industry-proven OSSL series galvanometer optical scanners. Aperture of 7, 10 and 14mm are available.

Sealed against water and dust, the LSSL robust and exceptionally compact housing facilitates straightforward integration into production environments-even confined, difficult to-access locations. A wide variety of objectives can be used with these scan heads.

Versions with analog or digital interfaces are available. The digital version can be simply controlled via a PCI interface board or PC-independent standalone board. LSSL scan heads are ideally suited for solutions requiring very high marking speeds and integration in confined spaces. Applications include coding in the packaging industry or the marking of electronic components – areas traditionally served by inkjet systems.


We precisely optimize and tune all optical components to one another to ensure maximum focus quality and stable process parameters. Optical components offered by us include exceptionally compact objectives, as well as objective adapters for standard objectives. Optics for various wavelengths, power densities, focal lengths and image fields are available.


LSSL marking heads are equipped with either an analog or a digital standard interface accessible via a 25-pin D-SUB connector. They are easily controlled via PC interface board or the PC-independent standalone board from us.


The high quality is the result of years of experience in the development and manufacture of galvanometer optical scanners and scan systems. In addition, every scan system must first pass the quality check burn-in test before it is released for shipment to the customer.

Common Specifications (all angles are in optical degrees)

Dynamic Performance Repeatability < 22μrad
Offset drift 30μrad/K
Gain drift 80ppm/K
Long-term drift over 8 hours < 0.3mrad, plus temperature induced gain and offset drift
Optical Performance Typical scan angle ±0.35rad
Gain error < 5mrad
Zero offset < 5mrad
Nonlinearity < 3.5mrad
Interface Analog version ±4.8 V
Digital version XY2-100 standard
Operating Temperature   25 °C ± 10 °C

Product-Dependent Specifications (all angles are in optical degrees)

Part number LSSL-xxx-7-XS LSSL-xxx-10-S LSSL-xxx-10-BC10 LSSL-xxx-14-M
Aperture 7mm 10mm 10mm 14mm
Beam displacement 9.98mm 12.54mm 12.54 16.42mm
Dynamic Performance Tracking error 0.14ms 0.18ms 0.14ms 0.30ms
Step Response Time (settling to 1/1000 of full scale) 1% of full scale 10% of full scale 0.30ms 0.70ms 0.40ms 1.2ms 0.35ms 1.0ms 0.65ms 1.6ms
Typical speeds Marking speed Positioning speed Writing speed with good writing quality Writing speed with high writing quality 2.5m/s 12.0m/s 900cps 600cps 2.0m/s 7.0m/s 640cps 400cps 2.5m/s 12m/s 800cps 570cps 1.0m/s 7.0m/s 410cps 280cps
Power Requirements ±15VDC max. 2A each ±15VDC max. 3A each ±15VDC max. 3A each ±15VDC max. 3A each
Weight (without objective) 650g 1.9kg 1.5kg 2.3kg


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