Channel Letter Laser Welder

High processing speed Suitable to the letter with any size and any shape Red pointer for fast positioning, CCD monitoring & microscope Cheap but high quality

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Also known as channel letter laser welding machine uses high pulsed laser power to weld the target. By using laser to pulse discharging on the xenon lamp, a lightwave with certain frequency and pulse width will form & then radiate to Nd:YAGcrystal using optical cavity. A 1064nm pulse laser will output after the crystal is being resonated, weld the target after being expanded, reflected and focused.

Product’s Features

The principle of the laser welder is based on high-energy laser focus point welding technology. It can effectively handle small area welding and make up the shortcomings of the traditional soldering and welding technology. Avoiding heat strain and post-processing stage and save a lot of time.

1. It has red pointer for fast positioning, CCD monitoring & microscope.

2. Moveable working platform and laser cavity are suitable to the letter with any size and any shape.

3. High processing speed, fixed focus position with rotary bearing level make focus easier even without CCD or microscope.

4. Little heat deformation effect and heat affectedzone

5. Capable of doing partial heat treatment on letters.

6. Suitable to process complex and tiny parts.

7. Low processing noise and no pollution.

8. Ultra-fine rotary bearing level makes corner welding easier even without changing letter position.

9. Advance processing method greatly improves the letter quality.

10. Our own high peak laser power make can easily achieve aluminium letter welding compare to other brands.

Technical Specifications

Model ST-DT-200 ST-DT-300 ST-ST-200 ST-ST-400
Name 200W Channel Letter Laser Welder 300W Channel Letter Laser Welder 200W Stand & Handheld 2 way Channel Letter Laser Welder 400W Stand & Handheld 2 way Channel Letter Laser Welder
Custom No. 8515800090 or 8515809090 (other welding machines and equipment)
Mechanism Extendable optical cavity up to 550mm,360° welding angle
Working Platform 750*1000 750*1000 750*1000 750*1000
Loading ≤200KG ≤200KG ≤200KG ≤200KG
Power Supply 220V±10%/50/60Hz 220V±10%/50/60Hz 220V±10%/50/60Hz 380V±10%/50/60Hz
Laser Type Nd:YAG Pulse Xenon Lamp Nd:YAG Pulse Xenon Lamp Nd:YAG Pulse Xenon Lamp Nd:YAG Pulse Xenon Lamp
Beam Diameter 0.2-3.0mm 0.2-3.0mm 0.2-3.0mm 0.2-3.0mm
Wavelength 1064nm 1064nm 1064nm 1064nm
Pulse width ≤15ms ≤15ms ≤15ms ≤15ms
Max Laser Power 200W 300W 200W 400W
Single Pulse Energy 80J 90J 80J 120J
Pulse Frequency ≤30Hz ≤30Hz ≤30Hz ≤50Hz
Focus length 180mm 180mm 180mm (Fiber nozzle 100mm) 180mm (Fiber nozzle 100mm)
Cooling Method Water Water Water Water
Cooling Capacity 2700W 5000W 2700W 5000W
Total Power <6KW <12KW <6KW <12KW
Monitoring System CCD CCD CCD CCD
Z travel range 200mm 200mm 200mm 200mm
XY travel range 150*180mm 150*180mm 150*180mm 150*180mm
Cavity travel range 550mm 550mm 550mm 550mm
Welder Dimension Chiller Dimension 1450*800*1100mm 700*500*900mm 1450*800*1100mm 700*500*900mm 1450*800*1100mm 700*500*900mm 1450*800*1100mm 900*700*900mm
Welder carton Chiller carton 1530*830*1100mm 720*510*950mm 1530*830*1100mm 720*510*950mm 1530*830*1100mm 720*510*950mm 1530*810*1100mm 960*760*1150mm
Weight (include carton) 260KG 360KG 260KG 360KG

Applicable Materials

All kinds of metal (stainless steel, iron, carbon steel, galvanized plate, copper, aluminium, titanium  etc)


Various metal letter, LED illuminated letters, customized metal signage, exterior billboard and metal support.

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