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Part name & description Part number Manufacturer/original Qty
AO Q-switch, 27MHz I-QS027-6.5D4G-B5 Gooch & Housgo, UK 11
Q-switch driver (RF driver), 27MHz, 50W R39027-50DMFPS-A Gooch & Housgo, UK 10
Laser lamp, pulsed, arc length 115mm,used in Miyachi machine P3097 UK 20
Laser lamp, CW, arc length 100mm,used in Rofin Sinar machine F3, ST726 UK 53
Laser lamp, pulsed, arc length 150mm, used in NEC machine NL9762 , ST9762 UK 26
Laser lamp, pulsed, arc length 100mm, used in NEC machine NL9764 , ST9764 UK 36
CO2 laser focusing lens, Focal length 60mm, dia. 18mm FL-10.6-F60-D18-T2-CC Russia 56
CO2 laser focusing lens, Focal length 40mm, dia. 16mm FL-10.6-F40-D16-T2-CC Russia 16
Fiber, high power cable, length 2m PC-SMA , Length 2m Germany 19
Fiber, high power cable, length 3m PC-SMA , Length 3m Germany 14
CO2 f-theta lens,mark field 175x175mm STSL-10.6-175-249 UK 13
CO2 f-theta lens,mark field 210x210mm STSL-10.6-210-298 UK 4
CO2 f-theta lens,mark field 250x250mm STSL-10.6-250-363 UK 10
CO2 f-theta lens,mark field 300x300mm STSL-10.6-300-433 UK 2
Ceramic reflector, yellow BAB-192 UK 54
Optical galvanometer 6450 Canbridge Technology Inc, USA 10
Galvo driver 67045 Canbridge Technology Inc, USA 4
Optical galvanometer 6870 Canbridge Technology Inc, USA 13
Optical galvanometer 6880 Canbridge Technology Inc, USA 47

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